Prototype Optics

Prototype Optics

What You Need to Know about Prototype Optics

When you need customized optical components, it is important to be absolutely sure that what you are ordering is what you need. It is possible that, even a slight mistake in calculations can result in creating optical components that do not fit the machines which they were designed for. This is because optical components, such as optical windows and band passes filters, are precision instruments, so even being off by a few decimal points could render your components unusable.

This is why having customized components made can be tricky. It is essential to get the parts just rights, making sure the measurements for thickness and curvature are just right.

When it comes to other products, ordering in bulk is commonly considered the intelligent thing to do, as this results in lower prices and time saved. However, when it comes to optics, it is best to start with a prototype optics to make sure what you are ordering is correct.

The first time you order an optical component, it would be wise to simply order a prototype, getting only a small quantity of the component. Once you have confirmed that the prototype is correct, then you can order for mass production.

The advantage of this method is that you can make adjustments if ever there are any problems with your order. For instance, if your band passes filter is the wrong thickness, then it could lead to problems in filtering light. If you catch this at the prototype stage, then you can fix the problem and adjust the thickness accordingly.

At A. Optical, we produce custom prototype optics for a variety of components that serve different industries. We use the same care and precision for our prototype orders that we use for our mass produced bulk orders. When you order prototype optics from us, you can be assured the highest standards of quality.