A. Optical Components
perfection made precisely


Singlet, doublets and triplets lenses.‎ any required size Ø5 mm- 300mm‎

Cylinder Lenses

plano-convex / plano-concave / Cylinder lenses, biconvex / biconcave.

Optical Domes

We supplies from ZnS, quartz, glass, silicon and germanium in sizes up to 200mm..

Optical Windows

Windows made out of different materials and to differnt..


We supplies a vast renge of optical prisms Inverting, rotating..

Beam Splitters

We provides beam splitters in different shapes..

Optical wedges

Optical wedges are made of optically transparent or partially transparent ‎materials..


supplies a wide range of custom made optical ‎mirrors

What are Optical Components?

A. Optical Componenets LTD is a world-leading ‎manufacturer of specialized, custom made, high quality optics for military, medical and industrial ‎applications.

Our superior products – single prototype or mass production, starts from the finest materials.
We, stand every day at the edge of the most advanced technology and manufacturing, serving the most demanding customers with the highest, sensitive and delicate optical products.
In a short response times, presenting flexible solutions and lifelong technical support.
As an iso 9001 certified manufacturer, every stage of the production is Carried out according to stern protocols, to insure maximum quality and Precision.

A optical components perfection made precisely.

Why Choose Us?

  • Special projects and turnkey solutions for over 30 years
  • Unlimited capabilities from prototype to mass production
  • Manufacturer of precision optics for UV,VIS,NIR,IR & DIR optics

Quality Assurance

ISO 9001: 2008 certified‎ A. OPTICAL COMPONENTS L.T.D is certified with the international quality control ‎ISO 9001: 2008 certification, since 1996 (English, Hebrew). This certification means that every ‎stage of production is done according to stern protocols, prewritten to ‎guarantee maximum quality.‎

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