Medical Optics

Optics in medicine is extremely valuable, as it involves the manipulation of light and images, aiding in better seeing the condition of patients. Medical optics companies assists doctors and healthcare practitioners to carry out the examination and diagnosis of patients.

A. Optical Components, the world’s leading optics manufacturer, provides high-quality customized optics specifically for the medical industry. Whether clients need a small quantity of a prototype or a mass quantity for full production purposes, A.Optical Components can provide the technical strength and production capacity. These optical products provided improved illumination, magnification, and access to small or internal body parts.

Medical Optics companies – Assists Doctors & Healthcare Practitioners Carry out the Examination & Diagnosis of Patients

Being a company that is renowned for its commitment to precise craftsmanship, the team of designers and engineers at A.Optical Components manufactures optical products for the medical industry designed to meet certain standards and specifications of clients. Here are typical applications of optics in medicine: Medical Instruments, Endoscopy, Spectroscopy, Illumination, Microscopy, Sensors, Imaging, Digital X-rays, Laser Delivery, and Surgical Instruments. Some lens design includes endoscope eyepieces, laparoscopes, intra-oral cameras, laryngoscopes, fiber-optic endoscopes, and ophthalmic instrumentation. There are several types of endoscopes that are manufactured with different specifications. Here are some of them:

  • Angioscope – used to observe blood vessels, with an image transfer usually made of fused silica image conduit with an outer diameter from 0.35mm – 0.5mm.
  • Arthroscope – a type of endoscope used for examining the interior of a join. They are rigid devices that are comprised of a stack of optical lenses.

Medical optics products are usually complex micro-video optical systems that require the expertise of a team of excellent engineers, technicians, production managers, and quality inspectors. As the healthcare industry becomes more advanced, rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible endoscopes and laparoscopes are becoming workhorses in clinical practice, used for millions of medical procedures each year. A. Optical Components ensures that the quality of optical images in laparoscopes, knowing full well that faulty images compromise the safety and accuracy of medical procedures. Since image quality matters, properly functioning endoscopes with superior lens quality contribute significantly to patient safety and clinical care.

Ophthalmologists and optometrists use equipment that requires design precision and engineering. An ophthalmoscope is a type of optical instrument that is used for examining the interior of the eyeball, which is done by injecting a light beam into the eye and looking at its back-reflection in order to help diagnose any problems or diseases of the retina. Hence, the viewing system of this instrument should be on-point, with lenses that allow for clear visualization of the structures of the eye at any depth and compensate for the combined errors of refraction between patient and examiner. Optometrists, on the other hand, used an optical hand-held device called a retinoscope, which is used to measure the optical refractive power of the eyes. The retinoscope consists of a light, condensing lens, and a mirror. Along with the retinoscope, eye doctors use the phoropter, which is a series of lenses of various optical strengths. A phoropter is an ophthalmic binocular refracting parenting device. It is used during an eye examination to determine the corrective power needed for prescription glasses. The optometrist keeps changing the lens until reaching a lens power that provided adequate focusing on the retina

Medical optics has a myriad of applications, ranging from diagnostics to therapeutics, to surgical procedures. Optics is a powerful, versatile, and enabling technology for the development of present and future generations of medical devices, instruments, and techniques for diagnostic, therapy, and surgical applications. Medical optics have been and will continue to be a supporting technology to further the advancement of medicine and the healthcare industry as a whole.

A. Optical is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer that serves the demanding medical industry with the highest, sensitive, and delicate optical products.

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