Optical Coating

23Jun, 2021

Coatings for the UV, VIS, NIR, IR & DIR

AR Coatings on Glass, Si, GE, FS, Sapphire

Mirrors coating

Conductive coating

Optical have the right solution for your specific product needs.

Our Coating

Technology Capabilities

Spectral Range: 380nm to 5000nm.

Ultrahard oxide, durable fluoride, metallic and low-stress coatings.

Coating Technology: PVD by Electron Beam or Thermal Source, IAD

Laser Damage Threshold (independently tested):1jw/cm²,20nm at 1064nm

Uniformity: 0.5% over 100mm diameter.

High accuracy spectrophotometry measurements: photon RT scanning spectrophotometer

Zygo GPI/XP interferometer for substrate surface flatness testing before and after coating


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