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Singlet, doublets and triplets lenses.‎ any required size Ø5 mm- 300mm‎
A. Optical Components LTD supplies custom made optical lenses, ‎made to perform different functions, ranging from simple collection of light to ‎precise imaging. Optical Lenses may be made to precision or commercial quality.‎

The company is capable of delivering, among others:‎

  • Singlet, doublets and triplets lenses.‎
  • Any required size Ø5 mm- 300mm‎
  • Plano-Convex Lenses.‎
  • Equi-Convex Glass Lenses.‎
  • Plano-Concave Glass Lenses.‎
  • Equi-Concave Glass Lenses
  • Micro Lenses.‎
  • Ball Lenses.‎
  • Achromatic Doublets.‎
  • Cylindrical lenses.‎
  • Optical Lenses of half ball, in diameters starting
  • at Ø 5-300 mm and even more ‎
  • Singlets & Achromats – max Ø = 200mm.‎
  • Surface power quality ≤ λ/2 max test diameter Ø 100mm‎
  • Irregularity ≤ λ/8 max test diameter Ø 100mm‎

Optical Lenses of Intricate Shapes

Optical Lenses are also available as Cylinders and Toroids:‎

    • Pro Cylinder Lenses
      Extra high precision down to 300 mm,‎
      Parallelism between surfaces within .03 mm, and high centricity.
    • Small Cylinder Lenses
      Less than 1 mm some cases.‎
    • Toroids
      Custom made toroids, in positive or negative forms.‎

Select your coatings

All optical components may be coated ‎according to function and ‎requirements. Reflective or ‎antireflective coatings, with high power ‎damage threshold for laser industries ‎are available.

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