Military Optical Components

Military Optical Components

Military optical components – Optical equipment is made of many optics components. Some optical components are concerned with the actual operation of the unit, while others function in a supporting role, such as power supplies, housings, fasteners, fittings, etc…The unit’s intended function determines its composition. Even though they may have many parts in common, such as lenses, there will be a huge difference in the make-up of a department store scanner, compared to a military aircraft targeting system and or perimeter security systems, as far as optic components are concerned.

Optics components come in a wide assortment of parts, such as:

  • Lasers: gas LASERS, fiber-coupled LASERS, LASER diode modules, LASER pointers.
  • Optics: lenses, magnification lenses, optical mirrors, windows and diffusers, prisms, beam splitters, filters, fiber optics.
  • Optomechanics: modular mounting systems, focusing hardware, optical mounts, apertures, sliding systems, housings.
  • Optoelectronics: amplifiers, detectors, active optical components, resistors, capacitors, transistors, control software, wiring.
  • Illumination: fiber optics, LEDs, fluorescent illumination.
  • Imaging: cameras, mounting accessories, imaging electronics, telemetry electronics, illumination.

Any optics components can contain any, or even all of these. optics components are more than just the sum of their parts. Modern applications depend on high-quality, high-resolution, and dependable optics components. Optical components in military operations could spell the difference between hitting a tank, or a nearby school. In medical applications, it could be the difference between a correct diagnosis, or a possibly life-threatening medical mistake. When selecting optics components, you want them supplied by a company that holds themselves to the very highest standards. You want the best that you can possibly get.

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