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Broad Band AR coating for the visible and IR range

This broad band, dielectric, AR coating designed to minimize reflectance over broad  wavelength range 430-900nm and substrates with refraction index in the range 1.51-1.55.

The coating can be extended to the higher refractive indexes of the substrates.

The coating can be applied to variety of optical materials transparent in the range 400-2000nm.

Coating characteristics: for the substrates with n=1.51-1.55

  • Average Reflectance: less than 0.8% per surface in the range 450-900nm.
  • Maximum Reflectance: less than 1.0% per surface in the range 450-880nm
  • Average Transmittance (per surface): greater  than 99.0% in the range 450-900nm

Environmental and durability:

  • The coating meets durability requirements of MIL-C-48497 including moderate abrasion as per Para
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