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Front Surface Silver  Mirror                                                              

The protected Silver coating has the highest reflectance in the visible and near IR spectrum of all metallic coatings.
Silver is very susceptible to environmental, so to prevent this, the surface is protected with proprietary designed multilayer coating.
The coating can be applied to variety of optical materials including Glass, Plastic and Heat sensitive substrates.

Coating characteristics: (at normal incidence)

  • Average Reflectance greater than 95% in the range of 450nm to 900nm.
  • The reflectance at 1.064micron greater than 96%.
  • The average reflectance in the range 3-5 micron greater than 93%.
  • The average reflectance in the range 8-12 micron greater than 96%.
  • Laser damage threshold for AOC-M38 deposited on a BK7 glass is greater than 50MW/ for 1064nm pulse laser.

Environmental and durability:

The coating meets durability requirements of MIL-PRF-13830B appendix B.

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