Industrial Optical Components

There are many optical components manufacturers that produce optical components. However, we believe that our company can provide the best products in the industry, based on our customers’ feedback.

Who are We?

If you have never heard of our company, A. Optical Components L.T.D has been providing millions of people with optic components for industrial, medical, and aerospace needs among others. The resources we use for our manufacturing process are top quality. We have been in business for almost five decades now, and our company is capable of keeping up with the rapid advancements that take place every day.

A. Optical Components are certified by the Quality Management System (QMS) or ISO 9001as a leading organization in this industry. Our sale service is also extended to other services like lens coating, which require diligent work from our professionals. We apply to coat according to the optical components’ dimensions and function.

What have we been up to?

Our industrial optical components and aerospace optical components have been our focus. It enables us to work on a more advanced and innovative form of distribution for the many products we sell like the lenses, prisms, mirrors, optical wedges, and filters that are made with the finest resources.

The programmable display captured by our military optical components is also changing gears. They are proven to be effective in military and security operations.

In addition, we have been a credible distributor to our science professionals and institutions, with the various scientific optical components that we make. We focus on the technical strength we contribute to our customers’ business operations.

Our prototypes have been breaking barriers as we are able to mass distribute our products. Moreover, the machinery we use for manufacturing is efficient and innovative. We also possess an adequate supply of essential raw materials like flint glass, quartz, silicon, and other types of resources.

Our optical products are used today for education, research, national defense, and industrial purposes. They can be described as high quality, not because of the modern technologies we use, but because of the effort and resources, we put into all of our work processes–from checking protocols to mass production.

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