Scientific Optical Components

Scientific Optical Components

What Are the Uses of Scientific Optical Components

Using light to interact with matter and accomplish tasks has been a major breakthrough of the world of physics. It is incredible to see how something that started back in ancient Egypt with primitive lenses has led to optics being used today in the worlds of science, medicine, the military, and even more!

The optical components that make these functions possible are delicate and fragile pieces that require extreme precision to be made correctly. What are some of these components, and how are they used in different industries?

Industrial Optical Components

The use of optics has completely changed the way that modern industrial manufacturing is done. Functions such as photolithography, laser materials processing, metrology and more are being used through different industries, such as construction, aircraft, aerospace, and automobile, besides others. In some of these cases, the role that the industrial optical components play in manufacturing is so vital that it cannot be replaced by any other method without major negative impact.

Aspherical glass lenses, which boast reliability and compact design.
Acousto-Optic devices, which can deflect and modulate lasers.

Military Optical Components

Through the story that history has woven, technology has played a huge role in changing the way warfare is waged. Now, optical technology is also being applied in a military setting, and dependence on military optical components that are made commercially is proving to be a great cost advantage. Uses of optics in military functions include missile guidance, night vision, laser weapons, jammers, laser gyros for navigation and more. Military optical components have also been used in surveillance and communications.

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