Cylinder Lenses

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Plano-Convex / Plano-Concave / Cylinder Lenses, Biconvex / Biconcave.

Precision is the prerequisite that makes cylindrical optical components the right fit for all kinds of applications, notably, integration with laser systems.

Our product mix for this is especially deep and its range of available radii and lengths very wide. Preferential radii can be specified on request. All cylinder lenses can be supplied with required coatings. The ability to adapt to your special requirements is a key issue for us.

For antireflection coatings, you are requested to indicate the particular wavelength range and the desired degree of residual reflection so we can work out the best-suited stack of coating layers.

We deliver our products in proven A-Optical Components quality, of course, including a test certificate establishing proof of interferometric testing performed on special request. Optical cylinder components can be manufactured from any type of optical glass / lenses.

Cylinder lenses, plano-convex / plano-concave / Cylinder lenses, biconvex / biconcave.

Radius range

  • 2.5 mm radius – ∞
  • Length: 5mm-100mm


  • 2 mm –100 mm, respectively
  • On request, round edging can be provided for cylinder lenses


  • Radius variance up to 1000 mm: ± 1%, ± 5% beyond 1000 mm, up to ± 0.01

mm radius accuracy on request (depending on geometry)

  • Length: ± 0.1 mm
  • Width: ± 0.1 mm
  • Irregularity: λ/4 per 10 mm at 633 nm,Edge thickness variance: up to ± 0.1 mm (centration), ETV.

Select your coatings

All optical components may be coated ‎according to function and ‎requirements. Reflective or ‎antireflective coatings, with high power ‎damage threshold for laser industries ‎are available.

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